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Villas Gran Reserva

Inside Viñedos San Miguel and a 15 minute drive from the UNESCO heritage town San Miguel de Allende.

Own an exclusive unit in one of the 7 luxurious mansion-style buildings

Each mansion-styled builing has three levels and an elevator to access any of its 5 residential units: 2 villas on the ground level, 2 villas on the second level and an exclusive Penthouse that is located on the third level.

All units are built to offer the “Lock Off” modality, which offers the possibility of separating the bedrooms from the main room and the social area.

Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel is adjacent to the Viñedo San Miguel Hotel, which will be flagged by world-renowned hoapitality brand The Leading Hotels of the World.

The villas inonovative lock-off rooms (2 bedrooms with full bathrooms in the back), or the entire villa, were designed to become part of the Hotel Viñedos San Miguel rental program and generate an investment return for the owner.

The lock-off rooms of the villas, or the entire villa, are prepared to be part of the property rental program, which allows them to function as extra rooms of the Hotel VSM and generate an investment return to the owner.

Get a Taste of the Destination


– Utility bill-paying services.
– Legal representation related to home ownership.
– Representation in the Home Owner Association assembly.

For Hire

– Home supply purchase service.
– Laundry Service.
– Grocery shopping.
– Home care for seniors.
– Transportation Services.
– Supply purchasing for the home.
– Meet & Greet with our key personnel.
– Concierge services.

Residence Care

– Villa cleaning service.
– Residential maintenance.
– Installation of accessories and fixtures.
– Modifications and renovations.
– Gardening.
– Pre-arrival screening services.
– Fumigation.
– Vehicle washing.
– Furniture maintenance.

Rental Managment

– Rental of your property (partial or entire unit) through the hotel operator (optional).
– Safekeeping of personal items.
– Collection and deposit of rent.


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